We Will Rock You – The Musical

The“rock opera” with Queen’s successes back on tour in Italy with a whole new set-up!

We Willl Rock You – the Musical is set in the future in 300 years, in a place once called “Earth” and now called “Planet Mall”, victim of the utter globalization. It is planet where rock and live music are banned and their followers live in hiding.
The Global Soft, led by the ruthless Killer Queen and his collaborator Khashoggi tries to flush out the “resistance” of a group of bohemians: they hide under the ground and pass on faded memories of  the glorious time when rock reigned supreme on Earth with the help of the extravagant librarian Pop.
All bohemians wait for the arrival of the elected people who will return the music to the planet, the naive Galileo and the volitional Scaramouche, predestined to find the instrument that the ancient God of the guitar hid in a secret place.
In “We Will Rock You” the emotional tension never goes down, while reality and fantasy mingle along a thin line, between jokes that inevitably snatch laughter, even if sometimes they are more serious than they seem, and characters from the cruel and funny look at the same time, such as Killer Queen and Commander Khashoggi, or creative and contemporary like the bohemians or the same Galileo and Scaramouche, kids of tomorrow struggling to save the (their) world chasing a dream, in this case the rebirth of rock music. The Queen songs are the soundtrack of the musical.
It will be in Milan for two weeks, from 17 to 22 March 2020.

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