Venere Nemica

Venere Nemica

by and with Drusilla Foer
Director Dimitri Milopulos
Artistic direction and production Franco Godi – Best Sound
Distribution Monica Savaresi – Sava’

Venus, immortal goddess, and therefore still existing, lives in Paris among mortals.

Deus ex-machina cruel and ruthless, remembers the story of Love, the ungrateful and capricious son, and psyche, the beautiful human believed Venus in earth”, on which he takes revenge by projecting all his resentment of frustrated Goddess, dissatisfied and disobedient.

But as a winner. Because, by healing the wounds of the betrayed son returned to the Mother Mistress, he knows something that comes close to love, a human feeling not due to the Gods.

A text taken from the story “Love and Psyche” by Apuleius, reread in a crunchy, funny, moving way, at times tragic, that touches ancient and current themes: the mother-in-law/daughter-in-law competition, the value of beauty, maternal possessiveness, secular conflict between men and gods and revenge.

“… if there is one thing a God hates is not to be believed…”

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