Peter Pan The Musical

A success of 12 years with more than 800 thousand spectators and an excellent soundtrack created by Edoardo Bennato, PETER PAN THE MUSICAL returns to the main Italian theaters since November 2018!

Rock, literature and philosophy: PETER PAN – The Musical brings together in its 160 minutes the magical characters born from the mind of James Matthew Barrie that with “Peter and Wendy”, a 1911 novel set in the beautiful gardens of Kensington, has created a myth still today very current able to touch many spheres of our society: from the psychological to the philosophical, entering the world of literature and music with Edoardo Bennato and the famous album “Sono solo canzonette“, which has consecrated Peter Pan and his whole world in the Olympus of Italian music.

The rock of Captain Uncino“, “La fata“, “Long live the mother” up to “L’isola che non c’è” are just some of the famous songs that are an integral part of this all-Italian and very successful musical.

To demonstrate its eternal fame are the 950 replicas that since 2006 accompany PETER PAN – The Musical, awarded with prestigious awards such as the Gassman Award and the Golden Ticket Agis 2006/2007 and 2007/2008 and which have contributed this year to the his debut abroad. In its English version alongside Bennato the signature of Jono Manson, singer-songwriter, composer and record producer from the United States with his power of universal language has the ability to engage viewers in an extraordinary journey in music in the fantasy world of Peter Pan.

Who has not imagined at least once looking out the window to be able to see Peter Pan, Wendy, Gianni and Michele flying over the moon? With PETER PAN – The Musical, thanks to its special effects, you will see Peter Pan really fly!
The true strength of PETER PAN – The Musical is right here: being able to involve adults and children: on the one hand recalling carefreeness and the magic of imagination and on the other involving the older ones with music: every piece by Edoardo Bennato it is the expression of a simple song, but on the contrary, it represents the singer’s ability to recount the paradoxes that surround us in a subtle and sarcastic way.

All ready to return once again to the Neverland and to get carried away by the magic of PETER PAN – The Musical!

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