Songs by PINO DANIELE is an unedited story of love, bravery, friendship and integration on stage from the 7th of December on tour and from the 7th of March at Teatro degli Arcimboldi in Milan.

The show called MUSICANTI will take place in the main Italian theatres, from the next December. It is a play that goes beyond the boundaries of the play itself – a musical beyond the musical: an unedited story to tell about the extraordinary music of the huge heritage of the ultimate “musician on the road”, the unforgettable PINO DANIELE.

On stage, a cast full of talented artists (Noemi Smorra, Alessandro D’Auria, Maria Letizia Gorga, Simona Capozzi, Pietro Pignatelli, Enzo Casertano, Francesco Viglietti, Leandro Amato, Ciro Capano) accompanied by a unique “resident band”, that will follow live songs respecting original arrangements composed by popular musicians “friends” of Pino (Hossam Ramzy, drumming; Alfredo Golino, drums; Fabio Massimo Colasanti, guitar; Elisabetta Serio, keyboards; Roberto d’Aquino, bass guitar; Simone Salza, sax; Fabrizio De Melis, viola. In some cities of the tour, Mel Collins, sax, and Jimmy Earl, bass guitar, will join the group).

Produced by Sergio de Angelis for Ingenius Srl, with Fabio Massimo Colasanti as the art director, “MUSICANTI” is the story of Antonio who gets back to Naples in the 70s after 25 years. Even if he spent his childhood there, he hates Naples but now he has received testament says from his father – a historic diner at the harbor, nowadays in trouble, and named “Ue Man”. Everyone fears that Antonio is looking forward to closing it, but instead…

“The basic idea of Musicanti is to bring Pino’s songs to face a new language, the one of the play”, says Sergio de Angelis. “It was an over 20 years old intuition, (de Angelis followed the executive production of some of the most beautiful artistic projects of the songwriter, ndr) that now, after a long gestation and three years of work, finally sees light at the end”.

Fabio Massimo Colasanti, other close associate of the “happy Lazare”, with whom he shared 20 years of recording studios and tournées, declares: “The project was born from my need to fulfill an artistic and personal empty left after the untimely death of Pino. From the selection of the songs my first dilemma was born (Pino composed many of them), equally challenging for me was to tell the artist and his music without him next to me, as it happened: Musicanti is an emotionally gripping and exciting play.”

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