Kobane Calling on Stage


The famous comic by Zerocalcare, with over one hundred thousand copies sold, arrives on stage creating an atypical, poetic but at the same time comic documentary: Kobane calling On Stage is the report of the trip of a group of young volunteers who left for the city symbol of Kurdish resistance, with the intent to bring humanitarian aid and write an alternative chronicle of the Syrian situation. Adapted and directed by the director and playwright Nicola Zavagli– pursued in years with the actress Beatrice Visibelli and the Compagnia Teatri d’Imbarco, a popular theater of civil art – Kobane Calling on Stage is not a show about war, but it tells with ruthless ease the brutal truth of a conflict trying dangerously to keep himself in the balance between the narrative of our time and a cartoon. On stage, Lorenzo Parrotto will give life to a talented young actor with a large company composed by Michele Lisi, Luigi Biava, Carlotta Mangione, Flavio Francucci, Fabio Cavalieri, Francesco Giordano, Marcello Sbigoli, accompanied by Cristina Poccardi, strong dubber and curator of the project Teather|Graphic Novel, opened last year at Teatro del Giglio in Lucca with A ballad for Corto Maltese.

There will be also 4 very young students from the Compagnia Teatro D’Imbarco composing the choral pictures of the show.

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