Giorgio Moroder

Giorgio Moroder announces his first live tour, The Celebration of the 80’s!

Giorgio Moroder, the legendary producer, announces his first live tour in Europe.
Celebrated by many people as the “disco music godfather”, or even dance and electronic music founder, at the age of 78, Oscar-winning and award-winning at Grammy Awards, Moroder is ready to start his tour in 15 European cities between April and May 2019. The Celebration of the 80’s will see the Italian songwriter, producer and DJ perform in important moments of the prolific career in an amazing theatrical show next to his band.

The Italian tour, organized by Show Bees, will start in Milan at Teatro Ciak on May 17th, then in Florence on May 18th and to finish in Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome May 19th.

Moroder had an important influence in music industry for over 55 years, since 1963. It was the first to play dance music on a redundant percussive beat and to abandon laws of harmony putting a synthesizer at the heart of a music project. First big credits arrived in the 70s with music and productions for Donna Summer (“I Feel Love”, “On the Radio” e “Love to Love You Baby”, “Hot Stuff” tra gli altri), credits that brought him with other collaborations Cher (“Bad Love”), Blondie (“Call Me”), David Bowie (“Cat People”), Debbie Harry (“Rush Rush”), Freddie Mercury (” Love Kills “), Bonnie Tyler (“Here She Comes”) and Pat Benatar (“Here’s My Heart”). A huge contribution to pop music that brought the artist of being awarded with 4 Grammy Awards.

Moroder comment his first live tour: “it’s something I’ve always wanted to do, fans continued to contact me, asking for a real tour. In the past it was unthinkablefor producers to abandon their studies. That place was reserved for singers. Today, DJ and music producers are becoming superstars of dance pop music, so now it’s the right moment and I’m looking forward to doing it!

The Celebration of the 80’s will be a soirée full of dance success, both classic and recent. The performance will be faithful to his roots but with adaptions looking at the future. Fans will see Moroder headliner, struggling with vocoder, electronic effects and sounds. He will play the piano and share personal stories which never abandoned his studio walls.
He will pay tribute to his long-standing muse Donna Summer with his disco-diva live on the screen performing in synch with Moroder and his band.

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