Blue Man Group


From March the 19th 2019 at the Teatro degli Arcimboldi in Milan

And from March the 28th, for the first time, at the Nelson Mandela Forum in Florence!

After the success experienced in Milan and Trieste the last November, one of the most watched show in the world is back to Italy: BLUE MAN GROUP. USA icon, where the show was born 25 years ago, BLUE MAN GROUP conquered nowadays over 35 million viewers of all ages, cultures and nationalities with his unique and multi-sensorial experience.

From March the 19th 2019, BLUE MAN GROUP will be on stage again at TEATRO DEGLI ARCIMBOLDI in MILAN, to continue towards FLORENCE where, from March 28th 2019, will go for the first time on the stage of MANDELA FORUM.

It was in 1991 when a simple idea and 3 friends, Matt Goldman, Phil Stanton e Chris Wink, went for the first time on stage, bringing to life the project BLUE MAN GROUP: three artists with blue skin that ironically and sarcastically mix art, music, theatre, poetry, fun, energy, advanced technology and color, so much color, to create an euphoric celebration of life and interaction between people.

Three blue men who do not communicate through words but only through gestures and music. The visual representation of wonder, innocence, thanks to their enormous and constantly opened eyes in front of the world. Accompanied by a band and unique musical instruments, such as the popular and massive PVC, the Drumbone, or the great Paint Drums that flood of color the stage and the BLUE MEN themselves. These three men don’t miss the opportunity to share and communicate, in their own way, to the audience.

BLUE MEN, in fact, bravely fight against the human being isolation, transforming theatres in containers of joy and places of sharing. An effective example is the “SPLASH ZONE”, as to say the area of the first rows of the audience where they receive as a gift waterproof ponchos to resist to explosions of colors coming from the stage and, in the meanwhile, to be protagonists of a real work of art.

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