Potted Potter


The whole Harry Potter literary saga, including a real Quidditch game like you’ve never seen before, condensed into just 70 minutes of pure fun. No matter if you cannot see the difference between a Horcrux and a Tassorosso, POTTED POTTER will overwhelm you!

The young and talented promises of the Italian landscape are always Davide Nebbia and Mario Finulli, “young and really good: tireless on stage, they take turns on various characters of the saga, the involve the audience, they never stand still” (Chiara pedretti, Show Courier).

Performed since 2007, born from the creative genius of Daniel Clarkson and Jefferson Turner and directed by Richard Hurst, winner of RSC Buzz Goodbody Director Award and nominee for the Guardian Awards, Potted Potter has climbed the stages of the most important theatres in the world going as far as Kuala Lumpur, China and Dubai, passing from United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada, Mexico and Ireland.
The show was born in its first form in 2005 when Dan and Jeff are asked to perform a 5-minute street performance that summarized the plot of the first 5 books of the Harry Potter saga. The intent was to entertain the crowds of fans queued outside the bookstores waiting for the release of the sixth book of the saga.
The following year, under the direction of director Richard Hurst, the show went on tour to the UK, arriving also in Pleasance Edinbourgh, where the facts of the seventh book are integrated into the show. The tour ends with an exciting Christmas show at Trafalgar Studios in London.
You will not need to know the adventures of the most famous wizard in the world, to be passionate about Potted Potter you just need to get carried away by the fast and funny rhythm of this unprecedented potterian experiment.
For updates on the tour visit the website pottedpotter.it



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