Teatro degli Arcimboldi
March 2014

ShowBees produced and promoted this daring rewriting of one of the most famous Tchaikovsky's classical ballets with its adventurous combination of street dance and classical ballet. Swan Lake Reloaded is a version of Swan Lake that each one of us can understand because "if everyone knows what's going on, then you can dance around that emotion," says the choreographer Fredrik Rydman. Therefore there is no evidence of any witchcraft or supernatural events in this interpretation. The story is set in the present, with Rothbart who's using drugs to seize power and exert it around him. Swans are prostitutes in white furs, shiny leather boots and stilettos, who are subdued by the patron Rothbart and by the drugs he provides.

The mix of dance styles apparently at odds with each other, street dance and ballet, can also be found in the choice of music. For this production, actually, Rydman used, along with original music by Tchaikovsky, some tracks specifically written by Swedish and international pop rock musicians. The Swedish choreographer's insight has proved successful also in Italy, where the enthusiastic Milanese audience keeps asking for the return of the Swan Lake Reloaded guys.