Creberg Teatro Bergamo
May 7th, 2015

Show Bees, in collaboration with Live Nation, is proud to present NESLI show at  Creberg Teatro in Bergamo on May 7th - ANDRA’ TUTTO BENE TOUR.


The tour follows and celebrates the release of his latest album, "ANDRA’ TUTTO BENE", released on February 12th (production Go Wild Music - Universal Music label). The album has 11 new songs, including the single “Andrà tutto bene”, which anticipated the release of the album on November, and the song "BUONA FORTUNA AMORE", presented at the last Sanremo Festival.


"ANDRA’ TUTTO BENE" is one of the top sellers records of  Sanremo 2015.


In the lineup all the songs from the new album, but also songs from his previous album, with an electro arrangement ("La Fine" and "Dimentico Tutto" included). It will be a complete show, where the punk poet will share his rock soul along with romantic ballads. On stage with NESLI five musicians (two guitars, bass, drums and keyboards / synths / samplers). The musical direction and arrangements are performed by Brando, producer of his new album with the new born Go Wild Music Production House.