Teatro degli Arcimboldi
January 19th and 20th, 2016

The Russian International Ballet arrives at Teatro degli Arcimboldi in Milan with one of the most romantic ballet, choreographed by Marius Petipa.

Three acts to attend to the incredible technical and artistical exploits of Alexandr Tarasov and Ivanova Nadezda , young primi ballerini of an ensemble that perfectly manages to stage the richness and grandeur of the work of Pëtr Il'ič Čajkovskij.

The court of King Floristano is celebrating the birth of Princess Aurora and the fairies of the kingdom are offering their gifts and wishing all the best to the heir. The evil witch Carabosse is furious for not having been invited to the party and despite the prayers of the whole court casts a curse as “gift”: on her sixteenth birthday, the princess will be killed by pricking with a spindle.. Fairy Lilac is the only fairy who hasn’t given her gift to the little Princess yet, so she changes the irreparable death with a long sleep that will only end with the kiss of a young prince.

In the royal gardens it is celebrated the sixteenth birthday of the princess, each spindle has been banned and its use prohibited. Aurora, beautiful and admired by all, is courted by four suitors who came from other kingdoms to ask for her hand. All attentions are for her and no one notices the arrival of Carabosse who, disguised as an old woman, hands her a spindle. Aurora is curious, she has never seen such a thing, so she touches it and immediately falls to the ground, stunned. Carabosse claims victory, but Fairy Lilac turns the curse into a spell.

The garden is wrapped into a magical slumber and everybody fall asleep. After a hundred years. Prince Desiré and his court are hunting when, suddenly, the atmosphere changes transporting them in a dream world. Fairy Lilac leads the Prince to Aurora and Desire falls madly in love with her. Returning to reality, the Prince continues the hunt with his friends, but as he reached the old enchanted castle, he recognizes the girl of his dream and kisses her. The spell is broken. A great wedding feast is organized for the two young princes. At the palace of Floristano there are many guests including also different characters of fairy tales by Perrault: Puss in boots and white cat, the little blue bird and Princess Florine, Cinderella and Prince Fortuné, Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf. They all dance honoring Aurora and Desire that close with the grand pas de deux in an apotheosis of happiness.