25th March - 26th April

A year on, after the resounding success in Milan and Trieste, iD, the creative energy of CIRQUE ÉLOIZE, is coming back to Italy. From 25th March to 26th April, 15 circus performers will capture the audience in Rome, Bologne, Florence and Naples, with twenty-eight amazing shows.
CIRQUE ÉLOIZE embodies the new concept of "circus" thanks to its 4000 performances, in 440 cities, in 40 different countries. No more animals, tents or "sand stages", Cirque Éloize offers a unique show filled with pure energy, based merely on its artists' s compelling and engaging multidisciplinary approach.

iD was created by Jeannot Painchaud, chairman and artistic director of CIRQUE ÉLOIZE, which thanks to its artists is bringing on stage the full force of our contemporary urban life. The show features 15 artists, from different nationalities, performing 12 circus disciplines (Waders, hand balancing, jugglers, skaters, urban dancing, trapeze, Chinese pole, Trial Bike, Straps, contortion, and general acrobatics).

The setting is that of a futuristic city populated by graffiti, cartoons and symbols of contemporary science fiction, where the omnipresent images lead to the loss of any reference point. Everything is immersed and covered with a musical "rock" fog, which is lifted sometimes by tunes featuring poetic romancism in an electronic way. The innovative visuals emphasize the energy of a cool, bold and urban show. This crossroads is right in the middle of a public space, a place where each individual can try to escape anonymity. The stage is turned into a meeting place where the city bands challenge themselves, where love stories are born or come to an end along the road that represents life. A place where you can meet and get to know one another, each one with their own iDentity and physiognomy.

The iD Italian tour, organized by promoter Massimo Fregnani alongside Show Bees, which is in charge of all p.r. communication, will be in Rome (Teatro Brancaccio from 25th March to 4th April), Bologna (Teatro Europauditorium 9th to 12th April) , Florence (Teatro Verdi 15th to 19th April) and Naples (Teatro Palapartenope 23rd to 26th April).

Real-time updates on the tour can be found on the Facebook page of Cirque Éloize Italia

Fiona May, Olympic champion and Italian record holder in the long jump, as well as excellent athlete and outstanding show-woman could not resist iD's overwhelming charm. That's why Fiona accepted the invitation to be a patroness and join the new Italian tour of Cirque Éloize by supporting and cheering, all the way from Rome down to Naples, the 15 extraordinary iD artists.
Apart from the audience, many Italian artists were spellbound by iD's energy, skills, physical and creative drive. Among these, the young milanese rapper D.Milez who just released his single "Supereroi", a sneak previws of  his EP (M).D.M.A due out in March. D.Milez, carried away by the madness of the Cirque Éloize guys, wrote for them a mind-blowing song about the passion and style of a circus which is inspired by street art. Stunts moving across an urban context, the landmark of any contemporary metropolis, which perfectly interact with rap music, street music, gritty music that telling the story of this new generation.