Teatro LinearCiak
From December 3rd, 2015
For the first time in Italy the show, or better, the party that has attracted over one million viewers in Spain and Mexico. THE HOLE is sexy, shameless and terribly funny. An ode to the playful side of life, ready to thrill Milan - from December 3th, 2015 till January 3rd, 2016 - at Teatro LinearCiak.
Club-Theatre-Cabaret is the winning formula of The Hole that with its mix of theater, circus, burlesque, music and provocative humor will carry you into other worlds.
It 'a Rocky Horror - Almodóvar style. Because the great credit of this show is to break all the schemes in which it is in. Out of the ordinary then is the story that binds the amazing stage performance of extraordinary artists who animate The Hole: an experienced playboy, exhausted by a life of excess, find true love. He decides to get his head together, proud to present to friends and to the entire world his new love. The brazen hedonist organizes a big party in his villa to announce to his friends and to the public, entertained by the sensual "governess" and stalwart butlers ready to perform acrobatics and strips, his unconventional love story with Maria Salvador, his beloved rat ... a true rat...
Welcome to The Hole! If you're not in the hole ... you can't get out of the hole!
Suitable in Italy only to people older than 16, THE HOLE is the new challenge of  Show Bees that, under the artistic guidance of Gianmario Longoni and in collaboration with Spanish production Letsgo, chose to close 2015 and greet 2016 with a brand new show for the Italian theater, both in content and in form.
LinearCiak Teatro turns into a club with tables and chairs to and and drink, without dangerous excesses.
The foyer hosts every night an "after show", with a dj-set performed by the artists who perform in a big red mouth used as consolle.
And for a show so "rock", the rock radio couldn't be anything else: Virgin Radio. A national network, an important partner that follow The Hole through its first Italian adventure.
On sale on with an exclusive and immediate promotion only on the first two weeks of shows. Reductions up to 40% for the first ones who decide to join us with the great celebration of The Hole. Never seen before, never bought this way!
THE HOLE is here!