Pinocchio Reloaded

The famous concept-album of 1.000.000 copies by Edoardo Bennato becomes a musical, produced by Show Bees and NewStep and directed by Maurizio colombi.
A story of rebellion, discovery and love: do not be deceived, the tale of Collodi is in the background!
Our Pinocchio is a teenager who discovers love thanks to Lucignolo, played by a beautiful girl.
The family, the Blue Fairy who is a “businesswoman” in the role of the mother and 3 fathers, Geppetto, Collodi and the same Bennato, oppresses or supports in the growth?
The Cat and the Fox remain bad or will they know how to help him grow? And Fire-eater?
The hymn to freedom celebrated in this fairy tale of love and music is animated by the songs of the namesake album as “Il gatto e la volpe”, “La fata“, “Quando sarai grande” and “Mangiafuoco”, but they evolve a whole new nuance.

You’re curious, aren’t you?

We are waiting for you in Milan at the Teatro degli Arcimboldi from 22 November to 8 December, soon the next dates of the tour!

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