ShowBees began to buzz its way into show beesness in November 2012. Founded by a team of highly specialized experts in arts, theatre, music and live entertainment, Show Bees focuses its expertise on business consulting and start up for theatres, Festivals and cultural projects, for both public and private enterprises. The company rises from the achievements, the profits and the experience of Gianmario Longoni, owner of Sistina Theatre in Rome, former owner of Smeraldo Theatre in Milano,  top Italian theater producer and also known as “Mr. Musical” ever since commencing the Italian market of musical theatre productions with block busters such ad Cats, Jesus Christ Superstar, Evita and A Chorus Line.

Show Bees’s résumé goes well beyond musical theatre, through dance (from Rudolph Nureyev to David Parsons and Daniel Ezralow, from Moses Pendleton’s Momix, to classical ballet), magic shows (David Copperfield), major international productions (Cirque du Soleil, Mamma Mia, Thriller live, Rent) and live music (Luciano Pavarotti, Bruce Springsteen, Woody Allen, David Bowie, Miles Davis). Renowned for his extraordinary ability to foresee and forerun the taste of the audience and the trends of a very demanding national market, the Italian one, Mr. Longoni has become one among the top managers in the entertainment field in our country.

In 2012 Mr. Longoni partnered in business with Marzia Ginocchio, his long-time collaborator. Ms. Ginocchio is currently CEO to Show Bees after a significant international experience as marketing and communication strategist for major touring productions in the USA. In New York Ms. Ginocchio specialized in marketing for the live arts and venue sponsorships as marketing manager for Clear Channel USA.

Show Bees is an exhaustive full-service agency for the live arts, providing professionals in the live arts and in entertainment services in producing, booking, advertising and branding. Show Bees is well known for creating innovatively conceived, strategically inspired, and elegantly designed campaigns for the arts and for entertainment. Show Bees is also specialized in programming and organizing live events. With its integrated approach to strategic and creative service, Show Bees represents a portfolio of clients who have sold millions of tickets for live entertainment in the last 15 years, coming from a wide range of entertainment sectors: from theatre and family shows to cultural institutions, from museums to music, from comedy and sports and a lot more which has yet to come.


Every show has a story to tell and yearns for success. It all begins with a detailed analysis of the market to which we add our expertise. The two combine into marketing plans which include traditional and non conventional media, promotional campaigns based on pricing strategies, new media, PR activities, orientation and support in the search for sponsors and partners. Over the years we have teamed up with professionals of the highest standard to deliver the best achievable results. Among our creative and technical partners, SNATCH, our partner agency specialized in audio/visual communication, movie making and TV advertising.

Every show starts with a sparkle, an idea, a speck of magic wrought in the work and labour of experts and professionals who must combine utter creativity and novelty with realism and concreteness. Our production plans include all that is required to trigger a live show performance. Set up, organization, ticketing and box office management, local technical expertise and front of house staff. We can support the making of events of almost any kind. Whether theatrical or other, catering for the requirements of anyone who wishes to communicate in remarkable ways.

Every expert must first build a network of valued professionals. We have been working with a solid system of national and international boking and production agencies for years. This enables us to proudly deliver our audience with cultural products the public loves. Because we know what the audience wants and because we are always on the look out for its changing tastes and desires, we can provide theatres and specialists working in the field of theatrical and live arts with our insight and advise promptly and properly. Among the theatres with which we work regularly and through on-going relations: Linear4Ciak in Milan, Il Sistina in Rome and UCC Teatro in Varese, as well as with the principal promoters based in Italy. Our booking department successfully programmes tours for theatrical companies and solo artists all over the country in Italy’s most properly selected venues.